how to install ubuntu on top of windows without any partition

21 Oct

Ubuntu is a Linux OS and very good alternative of windows OS. if you can just follow simple steps and you are done in 5 min.

step 1: go to

Step 2 : download web installer (size 2mb) on your machine.

Step 3: a small window will appear and set you password and done

Step 4: reboot

Step 5: now you have dual boot screen

Step 6: Select ubuntu or windows 🙂

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Code version control using GIT extension

18 Oct

I was looking for simple source control / version control tool to install on my laptop where I have only 60 GB hard drive with 1GB Ram and intel Centrino 2 processer.
Then started looking for options and finally started digging into the GIT and I found it simple and free open source.
If you would like to integrate it.

here is what you need
using GIT extension.. Read More

Happy Coding!

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How much should the company spend per click ?

9 Oct

use following formula to determine the avg. cost per click in campaign:
cost per click = campaign budget / number of visitors
cpc = $50000/100,000 = 0.5 cent per click.

so max bid should be 0.5 cent per click.

Average order value (aka AOV)

9 Oct

Average Order Value = Total revenue from orders / Total number of orders
and the revenue only comes from customers who actually convert.
the basic conversion rate equation is

conversion rate = total number of visitor who take an action / Total number of visitors

Two elements controls the success of paid online advertising campaigns

1. The cost associated with running the campaigns.
2. The revenue generated by the campaign as determined by its conversion rate and revenue generated by a conversions.

Most popular travel websites in India for the week ending April 23 2011

3 May

Most popular travel websites in India for the week ending April 23 2011
Most popular travel websites in India for the week ending April 23 2011

Why you must start building the brand ‘You’?

3 May

Whether you are an entrepreneur running your own company, a freelancer in search of some freelance projects, or a regular employee in a company, the benefits of building and maintaining a personal brand are enormous. Social media has taken..more..

Product development teams should run like small startups!

16 Apr

Product development team should run like a small startups where product manager should act as a CEO and should be responsible to deliver the good quality products to his customers / clients. Where company will be acting as client.

So it’s very important for product development team to keep there clients happy and satisfied. That’s how any startup (product development ) grow up.

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