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Ten fundamental questions for Product Managers :

21 Apr

1. What problem will this solve ?
2. For whome do we solve that problem ?
3. How big is the opportunity ?
4. How will we measure success ?
5. What alternatives are out there now ?
6. Why are we best suited to pursue this ?
7. Why Now ?
8. How will we get this product to market ?
9. What factors are critical to success ?
10. Given the all above, what’s the recommendation ? ( go or no-go).


Code version control using GIT extension

18 Oct

I was looking for simple source control / version control tool to install on my laptop where I have only 60 GB hard drive with 1GB Ram and intel Centrino 2 processer.
Then started looking for options and finally started digging into the GIT and I found it simple and free open source.
If you would like to integrate it.

here is what you need
using GIT extension.. Read More

Happy Coding!

-Satyadev Singh

Product development teams should run like small startups!

16 Apr

Product development team should run like a small startups where product manager should act as a CEO and should be responsible to deliver the good quality products to his customers / clients. Where company will be acting as client.

So it’s very important for product development team to keep there clients happy and satisfied. That’s how any startup (product development ) grow up.

Signing off for today.
Satyadev Singh

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