Tweaking with BIOS

27 Oct

Are you Stuck at BIOS Password? Want to change BIOS Settings? How to
get rid of it ?
Check it out for more details.

This Article is about how to crack BIOS Password. I am assuming that
you forget your
password during working on your computer. The article contains info and
source code.
Terms and conditions: This article is only for educational purposes.
The author will
not liable for any destruction or malfunctioning of system due to the
text of this
article. By reading this article you are supposed to be agree to the
terms and
conditions specified above.

I think you are already very much familiar with BIOS. It stands for
Basic Input Output
System. This Article is about how to crark BIOS Password. Before
reading article please
note that this trick is only tested on a system with Award BIOS having
Win98 installed.
So I dont know whether it works on other other versions of BIOS and
Windows or not. You
can also test this trick on other versions of BIOS as well as other
versions of Windows.

What You have to do that just go to MS-DOS . Please restart your
computer , and press
Ctrl+f5 for getting MS-Dos or you can use F8 key to getting startup
menu and select
command prompt only and write “debug” and press enter. Debug is
nothing but a Microsoft
Disk Assembler which is using for assembling.

You will see prompt as follows:-

c:> debug

After getting this command prompt give the following command.

– O 70 2e

Now give one another command.

– O 71 ff

Now quit the debug prompt by following command.

– q

Restart your computer and your computer will display “BIOS Checksum
Error!” Message.
Press Del key to enter into BIOS Menu. Select “Load Defaults” option
from the BIOS
Menu. After selecting this select “Save and Exit” option. Thus you will
get rid of the
BIOS Password.

This is the one of the very old post of mine in google group.

Satyadev Singh


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