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Cloud Computing..

21 Oct

Cloud computing is Internet -based (“cloud”) development and use of computer technology . The cloud is a metaphor for the Internet (based on how it is depicted in computer network diagrams) and is an abstraction for the complex infrastructure it conceals. It is a style of computing in which IT-related capabilities are provided “as a service”, allowing users to access technology-enabled services from the Internet (“in the cloud”) without knowledge of, expertise with, or control over the technology infrastructure that supports them.

Cloud computing is associated with Web2.0

we can define cloud computing as a

  • Software as a service
  • Hardware as a service

C3 Programming..

18 Oct

C3 programming (Contract , Code, Close):

Most software projects fail because they don’t meet the business requirements, over budget and delayed delivery. If we are going to think why this is happening then we will come to know that, the main problem is miscommunication!.. which is very common mistake we used to do. This is comes in picture when business analysts are transfering the requirement to the software development team and once the S/w development team passing this requirement to the QA team.

so it’s like Business analysts understand the problem 100% but only communicated 90% to the software development team only communicated 80% to the QA.. 

To overcome this comminication issue C3 programming comes in picture because the primary goal of the C3 programming is better communication.

C3 programming addresses this issue by assiging responsibility to Software development team just like function call 






(Contract of expections by business)        (Coding )     (Expected Result)


C3 programming is a process of fostering better communication among these roles and can be implemented in any Software Development lifecycle  Model. It Added neccessary responsibility to Software development team to ensure that they understand the scope of business requirement.

Signing off for today..

Satyadev Singh